Suspension & Steering Repair in Mt. Pleasant, IA

Suspension and Steering Repair in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 52641

Your vehicle’s suspension is critically important for giving you a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride. The suspension system in your vehicle is designed to absorb much of the bumps you go over on your day-to-day journey. By absorbing the energy from the roads, your suspension system keeps you safe and firmly planted on the road. It improves the handling and steering of your vehicle too. 

The steering wheel and all the other components in your vehicle’s steering system gives you control over your vehicle, keeping you safe on roads of Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas. 

Signs that your suspension and steering needs to be repaired

  • Power steering repair: There are several signs to look for if you are having issues with the power steering system. If there is a noise when turning the steering wheel, a change in steering response, or if your steering wheel is vibrating. We at Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc will work quickly to find the issue with your steering and repair it so you can be back on the road.
  • Shock and struts: These parts work together to dampen the movements and bounces of the springs in your suspension system. Even though they are designed to withstand many thousands of miles, eventually the punishing roads can wear them out. If you notice the wheels vibrating after hitting a bump, the suspension bottoming on rough roads or when backing out of a driveway, an extremely bouncy ride, the car swaying when cornering, dips or “nose dives” when stopping, or fluid leaking from a strut or shock, it is important to have the shocks and struts of your vehicle inspected as soon as you can.
  • Chassis and suspension: The chassis is the bottom framework of the vehicle where the front and rear suspension system, and other systems such as the steering, driving shaft, and transmission are located. A smooth running vehicle relies on the different systems that the chassis houses, such as the steering and suspension. The chassis works to keep your vehicle running properly, so if you are noticing any odd driving behavior, take your vehicle to Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc where our technicians can take a look.

Your Award Winning shop for suspension and steering repair

You can trust us with all of your suspension and steering repairs needs. Whether your Toyota needs new struts, your Honda needs new sway bar links, or your Ford has worn out ball joints, our team will provide the highest standards of care. We have been in business since 1996 and our expertly trained technicians are well experienced with steering and suspension repairs. We can easily diagnose and resolve all of your vehicle’s problems.

Why choose us:

  • Locally owned and operated since 1996
  • Only OEM and OEM-approved parts/components
  • Local Shuttle Service
  • We have excellent reviews based on feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • Free WiFi, refreshments, and child-friendly waiting area

To schedule an appointment with Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc in Mount Pleasant, give us a call at 319-986-5193 or schedule an appointment online.

For a full range of auto repairs in Mt. Pleasant, IA, count on the team of professionals at Brad Holtkamp Automotive.

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