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Auto Repair in Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Has your vehicle’s air conditioning stopped working or are you having drive-ability issues? Sooner or later, we all need to bring our car in for repairs and/or preventative maintenance. Whatever your needs are, you can bring your vehicle to Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc in Mount Pleasant. Our award-winning technicians are committed to customer satisfaction and are highly trained in all aspects of auto repair, including scheduled maintenance, no-start/drivability diagnostics, and mechanical and suspension repairs.

Why should I bring my car in for regular auto repair?

Getting auto repairs whenever your vehicle needs it and getting the factory recommended services by each manufacturer are important for:

  • Your safety: Your vehicle should always meet the safety standards of your manufacturer as well as follow Henry County policies. Waiting for a small issue with your vehicle to get worse before bringing your car in for auto repairs will compromise the safety of you and your passengers. For example, a broken headlight not only jeopardizes your safety, but also increases your risk of getting pulled over for not having your vehicle up to standard.
  • The environment: Problems with the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, which can include issues with your engine, fuel cap, or even your tires, can affect your car’s mileage. This in turn increases your carbon footprint and environmental impact. To keep your car running efficiently, it is imperative to bring your car in for auto repairs whenever needed.
  • Your wallet: To keep your auto repairs as cost-effective as possible, it is important to nip problems in the bud before they get worse. Most issues that start small can turn into bigger problems when not addressed promptly. If you live in Mount Pleasant, Winfield, or nearby, bringing your vehicle to Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc in for an auto repair as soon as a problem arises will ultimately save you money in the long run.

What are the most common auto repairs car owners face?

While our specialties lie in engine repair and brake service, at Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc we have extensive knowledge on all auto repair services. Whether you drive a Toyota SUV, a van by Honda, a vintage Ford, or a Hyundai sedan, all vehicles have a common anatomy and need the same parts fixed every once in a while.

This is called preventative maintenance, which will save you troubles down the road. Some of the most common auto repairs car owners face are:

  • Oil Change: You should be changing your vehicle’s oil approximately every 7,500 miles. Changing your oil regularly keeps your engine components cool, which in turn optimizes your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and ensures under-the-hood components continue to function properly. Getting your oil changed at Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc is a quick and easy process.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Your air filter is responsible for cleaning outside air before it enters your engine and mixes with fuel, which keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Over time, debris, dust, and dirt can clog up your air filter, letting in less air which can compromise your engine’s combustion rate. We recommend getting your air filters replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.
  • Tire Replacement: The answer to the question “How often should I replace my tires?” depends on the conditions in which you drive, how much you drive, your driving speed, and more. Generally speaking though, getting new tires from Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc in Mount Pleasant every 25,000 to 50,000 miles will keep you and your fellow drivers safe when on the road.
  • Brake Replacement: Your brakes are the most important things that keep you safe while driving. We roughly estimate changing your brakes every 50,000 miles, although the frequency depends on a variety of factors.
  • Wheel Alignment: To get the most out of your tires, it is important that they are balanced the way the manufacturer intended. It’s recommended to get your wheels balanced every 3,000 to 6,000 miles to prevent drifting and causing unsafe driving conditions.

If you are in the 52641 area or nearby, you can bring your car to Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc and we will take care of all your auto repair needs.

Your expertly trained Shop for Auto Repair

Whether you are having an issue with a mechanical or electric component of your car, Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc in Mount Pleasant can take care of your vehicle, bumper to bumper. Founded in 1996 and owned by Brad Holtkamp, we offer services in auto repair, preventative maintenance inspections, and more.

Here are some reasons you should choose us as your Award Winning auto repair shop:

  • Locally owned and operated since 1996
  • Only OEM and OEM-approved parts/components
  • Local Shuttle Service
  • We have excellent review scores based on feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers.

If you are in Mount Pleasant, Winfield, Salem, New London, Fort Madison or surrounding areas, Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc is your place to go for all things auto repair. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 319-986-5193!

For a full range of auto repairs in Mt. Pleasant, IA, count on the team of professionals at Brad Holtkamp Automotive!

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