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It’s frustrating if your car, truck or SUV does not start every time you turn the key; a faulty alternator could be to blame. An alternator is the most vital component within a vehicle’s charging system, and it must function properly at all times. If your battery light is blinking intermittently or your amp gauge is lower than normal, get your charging system evaluated right away.

A timely alternator Replacement is essential to preventing damage to related charging system components, such as the battery and voltage regulator. Alternator Replacement needs to be performed by an automotive service center that you can trust.

The residents of Mt. Pleasant and Henry County have trusted Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc for all of their alternator replacement needs for more than 22 years. Our friendly team of professionals take customer service to a new level, always with your complete satisfaction in mind. We will address all of your alternator replacement needs and get you back on the road in good time.

Quality Alternator Replacement by Experienced Technicians

Alternator malfunctions must be evaluated by trained professionals. They will conduct a complete charging system diagnostic test prior to recommending an alternator replacement.

At Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc, our technicians use state-of-art test equipment to ensure accuracy in diagnosing your alternator replacement needs. We perform alternator replacement and charging system checks on a range of automobile makes, newer and older. Whether your Kia needs to be jump started, or your battery light is illuminated on your Dodge, you can depend on us for your alternator replacement in Mt. Pleasant and all of Henry County.

For high-quality, affordable Alternator Replacement, visit the experts at Brad Holtkamp Automotive Inc in Mt. Pleasant, IA. Call us today or use our convenient online appointment form to schedule your visit.

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